The Gordian Knot is a story associated with Alexander the Great. As the legend goes, the King of Gordium tied an Ox-cart to a post with an intricate knot and the people of Gordium proclaimed that whomever could unravel the elaborate knot would become the ruler of all of Asia.  When Alexander came upon the cart he attempted to untie the knot as many had tried before him.  After much struggle, he reasoned that it would make no difference how the knot was loosened so he drew his sword and slashed it apart.  Confirming the prophecy, he later went on to conquer Asia.

Cutting the Gordian Knot- A metaphor for a difficult problem solved easily by thinking creatively…

At Gordian Energy Systems, our natural approach to problem solving is through ingenuity, innovation, and determination. These traits fit expertly with the challenges of Solar deployment.  

Be it regulatory, interconnecting, permitting, financing, or constructing we find creative solutions to complex challenges.

Gordian Energy Systems is the result of a forward-thinking, 4th generation commercial roofing leader.  Grounded in making sure our customers facilities remain water-tight, we saw an opportunity to use the roof space as a platform for other possibilities.

After ensuring proper functionality of the roof, creating a revenue generating asset leveraging the open space of the roof, made too much sense for us not to get involved.

Starting on roof-tops, then building canopies on parking garages, then heading to large farms and building ground mount arrays, we have expanded our project capabilities and found success by leaning on our values.

Always putting our integrity first and our steadfast (sometimes called hard-headed) approach to problem solving, we began experiencing incremental victories.  Each project building on the experience from the previous one.  Remaining committed to our team approach and consistently building valued relationships, we have been fortunate to continue to expand our business and provide even more successful outcomes for our clients.

Never losing sight of our history, while remaining committed to our future, we are proud to bring our straight forward approach to the world of commercial solar installation.

Complexity Solved”