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When do commercial solar panel removal, commercial solar replacement, and commercial solar reinstallation make sense?

A well-constructed commercial solar PV system is incredibly durable and dependable. Yet Commercial Solar Panel Removal and Commercial Solar Panel Replacement of systems are sometimes required. The system may need to be decommissioned, upgraded, or moved before the end of its useful lifetime.

Reasons may include:

  • A roof upgrade or repair may be needed due to roof age or deterioration.
  • A new roof section adjacent to an existing solar PV system.
  • New equipment is being added to a roof space.
  • Relocation of the commercial solar panel system to another location.
  • Decommissioning the system.

The Gordian Energy Systems process:

  • The assessment: our team will evaluate the entire system, including solar panels, inverters, and other system parts that need to be removed and reinstalled.
  • Proposal: A detailed proposal describing the scope of work, including options to upgrade (if available).
  • Commercial Solar Panel Removal & Commercial Solar Panel Replacement Schedule: let’s do this at a convenient time with minimal disruption to the facility and the existing system’s beneficial performance or in harmony with other construction work planned to take place.
  •  Post-installation testing and commissioning: just like the first time the system was turned on, we will inspect and test the system to ensure the generation matches expectations.

In addition to Remove and Replacing your commercial solar panels, Gordian Energy Systems provides the following services:

PV system service, repair, and retrofit:

To ensure financial performance it is critical that your commercial solar PV array produces at expectations. A system that isn’t operating at potential, will erode returns in the form of less electricity savings or reduced incentives.

There are situations where a commercial solar array owner has a system problem that is hard to detect that might be caused by failing modules, inverters, and other equipment. The result is an array that underperforms or even stops working entirely.

On a typical job, Gordian will:

  • Gordian Energy Systems will provide a proposal for the inspection and evaluation that includes a detailed scope of work.
  • Upon execution of the inspection contract Gordian Energy Systems will perform the inspection and provide a report outlining observations and recommendations to rectify performance issues or improve output.
  • Included with the Inspection report will be a proposal for any work identified through the inspection.
  • Upon execution of the Repair contract Gordian Energy Systems will perform the scope of work as defined in the proposal and contract.  Depending on the type of work additional testing and inspections may be performed at completion..

Operations and Maintenance (O & M)

After a commercial solar PV system is installed, the system should undergo regular O&M to monitor that the system is functioning properly. Regular monitoring will assure that the system is meeting energy production targets according to the system design. The team at Gordian Energy Systems will:

  • Depending on the level requested we will passively or actively monitor your system.
  • Perform onsite preventative maintenance visits.  Number of visits can vary.
  • Promptly perform corrective measures to the system or provide proposals for non-urgent issues.
  • Provide detailed reporting a performance statistics.

Gordian Energy Systems is ready to assure your system’s peak performance, even if the system was built by another contractor. For 15 years, Gordian Energy Systems has been the expert a taking complex commercial solar challenges and creating solutions that work for our customers.

Complexity Solved.