Procurment shot 1 (1)

Procurement of a photo-voltaic project’s equipment and materials present unique challenges not seen in other construction sectors. A variety of product types, a constantly evolving technology landscape and fluctuating state/national incentives, are of few of the issues with which many EPC providers struggle.

At Gordian Energy Systems we deploy a three step approach to avoid these pitfalls.

Step 1:  Fully understanding the markets in which the project is being constructed and the clients desired functionality of the system; we are able to use our industry expertise to recommend products that are the right fit for the project.

Step 2: Tto keep costs within budget, we employ value engineering practices though design to find the right balance between functionality and price.

Step 3:  Our network of vendors can make sure we are providing products with the most competitive pricing structures and best availability to meet our clients construction timelines.