Operations and Maintenance

Your system will produce clean, renewable energy for 25 years and beyond.  That’s a long time!

Using trusted technology platforms, Gordian Energy Systems will continuously monitor the system’s output thru our warranty period and beyond.

Gordian Energy Systems’ Operations & Maintenance program will protect your system to assure its proper performance. Our dedicated team will perform regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, and documentation for the system to ensure optimal production.

Our maintenance services can include:

  • Warranty Administration
  • Solar panel washing
  • Vegetation control
  • Preventative Maintenance for the system.
  • Replacement or repair of system parts as required.

Performance monitoring:

Gordian Energy Systems keeps track of our O&M client’s systems in our control center. We’ll make sure that your system is performing well, so you don’t have to worry.

We understand, as an owner of a revenue generating power plant, you need a provider that thinks like an investor.  Gordian Energy understands that ongoing performance monitoring and regular maintenance will eliminate any worry about the return on their solar investment.