The Markets At Hanover


The family that owns The Markets at Hanover wanted to increase their commitment to an energy efficient, environmentally  friendly building for their clients and customers. Part of a multi-faceted plan to create a green and energy efficient environment, the owners decided to engage with Gordian Energy Systems to design, build and commission a 702-kW solar array. The Gordian and Markets teams participated together in all elements of the plan all the way to turning the system on. “I would absolutely do it again!” says Elizabeth Johnidas, co-owner of the Markets at Hanover. “Gordian Energy Systems was wonderful to work with. They certainly take care of you from beginning to end”. The solar array includes over 1,800 solar panels. By creating energy on site, the facility will essentially become a net-zero facility, meaning they will produce as much electricity as they consume. With stable, lower operating expenses and clean, renewable energy generated on site, the Markets is working create a positive impact for the Hanover, Pa. region.

Roof Mount


We use the wide open space of your roof to serve as a platform to create your own electricity.  Building the solar array over a newer roof can provide 25+ years of consistent electrical production with minimal impact to the performance of the roof.  Ballasted arrays can limit the number of penetrations needed however new advancements in penetrating systems can lower the concerns over having to secure the solar array into the structure.

Feasibility, financing, design, engineering, construction, and maintenance are provided to our clients creating a fully vertical transaction that ensures expected returns for our valued clients