Gordian Energy Donates a 10-panel roof array for Piedmont Learning Center

Gordian Energy Systems is proud to announce the completion of a solar project for the Piedmont Learning Center. The project, including a 10-panel roof array, installation and commissioning, was installed at no charge to PLC. PLC will buy the electricity produced at a discounted rate ensuring long-term savings for the organization.  Gordian Energy Systems firmly supports Piedmont Learning Center’s mission of connecting students to the environment and helping to develop the skills to become self-sufficient and community serving adults.

This project will provide clean energy to the site and enable them to realize a stable cost for electricity. The impetus for the project was the founder’s desire to make the Center’s array available as an educational tool to teach visitors about the true potential of solar energy and the environment and the installation will lower the operating costs and the property’s energy bills for over 25 years.

The donation will further PLC’s vision to provide the community with an environmentally friendly space that will engage an outdoor learning experience, particularly for Baltimore area students. Students experience learning opportunities including bee keeping, the honey making process and natural gardening.

About Piedmont Learning Center:

Piedmont Learning Center is a 501C (3) Maryland nonprofit, located at Gwynn Falls Watershed, that has a mission to “connect environment, education, and community in an interactive and outdoor learning space.” PLC is a historic site, just a short hike away from where the Gwynn Oak Amusement park stood in the 1960s. With over 2 acres of beautiful land, PLC is a wonderful destination full of beautiful foliage, hiking trails, and even a honey bee apiary, PLC is the host of many outdoor retreats for students, professionals, and all walks of life.


To learn more: www.piedmontlearningcenter.org

About Gordian Energy Systems:

Gordian Energy Systems is a solar PV Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company servicing developer and commercial customers from inception through commissioning them into full-term operations and maintenance.  Providing these services nationally on Rooftops, Canopies, and Ground installations, Gordian is the trusted company bringing quality solar projects to life. 

Gordian Energy Systems has been delighting clients by delivering projects on time and on budget. Our heritage emanates from Cole Roofing, a 100-year-old Maryland commercial roofing company. Gordian Energy excels at the critical aspects of project development and delivery. From planning to implementation, from delivery to commissioning and with a constant commitment to site safety, Gordian provides exceptional value to its developer and client partners.