Quad Avenue Community solar

Gordian Energy Systems, Maryland’s leading commercial solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractor, is delighted to have participated in a celebration and ribbon cutting event held in Baltimore, MD. in September 2023. The event was attended by Senator Ben Brooks and Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr., along with representatives from Summit Ridge Energy, Black Bear Energy, and LBA Logistics. This team worked together to realize a project that will deliver clean energy to the Maryland environment for over 25 years.

Gordian Energy Systems has played a pivotal role in constructing the 3.96 MW solar array in partnership with Summit Ridge Energy, a part of the Maryland Community Solar initiative, which provides low-cost renewable energy to residents. The project will generate millions of kWh of electricity annually. With over 10,000 solar panels, this rooftop array will hopefully be a
harbinger of future solar deployment on commercial rooftops. In addition to ground-mounted solar farms, commercial rooftops provide invisible space and, when appropriately constructed, provide a cost-effective platform for future solar power plans.

During the celebratory event, representatives from Gordian Energy Systems were on hand to facilitate safely conducted tours of the new solar array and to answer questions about the system’s building.

At Gordian Energy Systems, we work diligently to anticipate and solve the often complex challenges that arise in the various stages of planning, procurement, and construction of large solar projects.

Our Team is very proud to work with these awesome partners and provide clean, renewable energy to our region.

AJ Armstrong was promoted to the position of Vice President!

Gordian Energy Systems congratulates AJ Armstrong, who was recently promoted to the position of Vice President! We’re all delighted and very proud of him and have been thrilled to witness his success over the years. AJ has been with Gordian Energy Systems organization for over a decade.

AJ has been instrumental in the development of sales and projects for the company, providing creative ideas and solutions to benefit our organization. He had a knack for understanding customer needs and matching them with the energy, finance, and operations choices available in today’s complex renewables environment.

AJ is a graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland, where he received a Bachelor’s and also played Lacrosse.

His promotion to Vice President reflects the appreciation for his success and hard work, and for being a great teammate and coach.

We know he will continue to excel now in his role and lead a group of motivated teammates to success. Congratulations again to AJ Armstrong, our very own Vice President!

Congress Passes Spending Bill With Solar, Wind Tax Credit Extensions and Energy R&D Package

As reported by Green Tech Media, Congress passed a major spending bill at the end of 2020 that includes $35 billion in energy research and development programs, a two-year extension of the Investment Tax Credit for solar power, a one-year extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind power projects, and an extension through 2025 for offshore wind tax credits — a significant last-minute boost for clean energy industries.

The full details can be read here

Will Jawish appointed Vice-President

Gordian Energy Systems is excited to announce that Will Jawish has been appointed to the position of Vice-President.

In 2010, Will became our first employee. He has participated in every phase of the company during its development, including sales and design. Will’s passion for learning and figuring things out produced a variety of successful projects for our clients during our first decade in the commercial solar business. Rooftop, parking canopies and ground mounts all present new challenges and learning. Will leads a team of professionals that has been up to the challenge.

Will is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

We are exhibiting at NFMT Conference and Expo

Gordian Energy Systems will be exhibiting at the 2020 NFMT Conference and Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center from March 17-19.
Please stop by our booth #1624 to discuss the needs of your facility or ask questions about solar.

Gordian Energy Donates a 10-panel roof array for Piedmont Learning Center

Gordian Energy Systems is proud to announce the completion of a solar project for the Piedmont Learning Center. The project, including a 10-panel roof array, installation and commissioning, was installed at no charge to PLC. PLC will buy the electricity produced at a discounted rate ensuring long-term savings for the organization.  Gordian Energy Systems firmly supports Piedmont Learning Center’s mission of connecting students to the environment and helping to develop the skills to become self-sufficient and community serving adults.

This project will provide clean energy to the site and enable them to realize a stable cost for electricity. The impetus for the project was the founder’s desire to make the Center’s array available as an educational tool to teach visitors about the true potential of solar energy and the environment and the installation will lower the operating costs and the property’s energy bills for over 25 years.

The donation will further PLC’s vision to provide the community with an environmentally friendly space that will engage an outdoor learning experience, particularly for Baltimore area students. Students experience learning opportunities including bee keeping, the honey making process and natural gardening.

About Piedmont Learning Center:

Piedmont Learning Center is a 501C (3) Maryland nonprofit, located at Gwynn Falls Watershed, that has a mission to “connect environment, education, and community in an interactive and outdoor learning space.” PLC is a historic site, just a short hike away from where the Gwynn Oak Amusement park stood in the 1960s. With over 2 acres of beautiful land, PLC is a wonderful destination full of beautiful foliage, hiking trails, and even a honey bee apiary, PLC is the host of many outdoor retreats for students, professionals, and all walks of life.


To learn more: www.piedmontlearningcenter.org

About Gordian Energy Systems:

Gordian Energy Systems is a solar PV Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company servicing developer and commercial customers from inception through commissioning them into full-term operations and maintenance.  Providing these services nationally on Rooftops, Canopies, and Ground installations, Gordian is the trusted company bringing quality solar projects to life. 

Gordian Energy Systems has been delighting clients by delivering projects on time and on budget. Our heritage emanates from Cole Roofing, a 100-year-old Maryland commercial roofing company. Gordian Energy excels at the critical aspects of project development and delivery. From planning to implementation, from delivery to commissioning and with a constant commitment to site safety, Gordian provides exceptional value to its developer and client partners.

Maryland officially commits to 50% renewables by 2030

Maryland’s commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2030 became law after Governor Larry Hogan allowed it to pass on May 22.

The 50% by 2030 RPS will include a jump from 2.5% in-state solar to 14.5% by 2030. The law also increases funding for clean energy workforce development.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act is exactly what it says it is: legislation that will allow Maryland to become a leader in clean energy by boldly and fully investing in solar, wind, and other sources, including the largest solar carve-out in the country. Maryland has set itself apart from its neighbors as a state that is committed not just to the economic freedom of its residents, but to their energy freedom as well.

Only the District and nine states, have renewable standards at 50 percent or higher, according to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Hogan said he remains committed to addressing climate change. He pledged to push legislation next year for 100 percent clean energy by 2040. It is projected that the new law will create 20,000 solar jobs and 5,000 wind jobs by 2028.