Gas Bills Are Going Wild

As The Wall Street Journal stated, “Homeowners and Businesses have seen their gas bills go wild,”….” and the turbulence isn’t going to end anytime soon.”

Shouldn’t you be looking at solar and other renewable sources for your commercial facilities?

There are many reasons why a building owner or facility manager should consider commercial solar for their rooftops,
parking areas, and available ground areas. Incentives, environmental impact, and positive brand are just a few. Over
Gordian’s nearly 15 years in the commercial solar industry, utility costs were not as critical in the solar decision; both
inflation and utility rates have remained mostly stable and low. That’s all changed.

Consider solar as a w strategy to hold a significant cost center of our facility, both lower and predictable.

With nearly 15 years of solar experience and over 100 years of commercial roofing experience, Gordian Energy Systems
is the partner that will help you navigate the complexity of designing, financing, and building the right system.